SQL DATA LENS is a all-in-one tool designed and optimized for InterSystems Caché and Intersystems IRIS


SQL DATA LENS is licensed per user where each user requires a personal license. A licensed user may run SQL Data Lens on different computers and OS’es, regardless of location and even concurrently on more than one computer.

Single User License

SQL DATA LENS is licensed for use by a specific USER. Every licensed USER is entitled to install and use SQL DATA LENS on one or more computers\virtual machine. The license needs to be activated on every COMPUTER\VM. The licenses do not expire and do not need to be renewed for continued use of SQL DATA LENS.

Enterprise Subscription

The Enterprise Subscription allows unlimited use of SQL DATA LENS throughout the organization. The license needs to be activated on every COMPUTER. The licenses expires after the purchased time and needs to be renewed for continued use of SQL DATA LENS.

Caché Monitor User

Caché Monitor licensees may use SQL Data Lens at no additional charge if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You are using Caché Monitor with the “Enterprise Subscription”.
  • You have purchased a Caché Monitor Single User Professional license as of 01.01.2019

If none of the conditions apply, please write to sales@sqldatalens.com and you will receive an offer for a discounted license upgrade.

Academic Licensing

Information is coming soon.

Please contact: sales@sqldatalens.com if you want to discuss this opion. Thanks!

How it works

If you start SQL DATA LENS without a valid license you can proceed and run the Free version, request an Evaluation license, or register a license for the Pro version. If you enter a license, you have to restart SQL DATA LENS to activate it.

After you have purchased SQL DATA LENS a license email will be sent to you. Load that license file into SQL DATA LENS to activate the professional features. The software license is sent by email to the address provided by you.