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Thank you for considering SQL Data Lens for your database management needs. We appreciate your interest in our tool, and we’re excited to show you how SQL Data Lens can help you manage your data.

Empower your data, simplify your work:
SQL Data Lens is designed to streamline your data management tasks, making them more efficient and effective. With SQL Data Lens, you can seamlessly query, manage and transform your data in one powerful tool.

A specialised solution for your needs:
SQL Data Lens is more than a generic database tool. It’s a specialised solution optimised to work seamlessly with InterSystems Caché, InterSystems IRIS and related database systems. It’s designed to enhance your experience in the InterSystems ecosystem.

Why choose SQL Data Lens?

Easy-to-use interface: SQL Data Lens provides an intuitive interface that simplifies complex database tasks.Advanced query building: Build complex SQL queries with ease using our visual query builder.Data transformation capabilities: Manipulate and cleanse data during export to ensure accuracy.

Community and support:

Join an active user community with extensive support resources.Stay connected with us:As you explore the possibilities of SQL Data Lens, stay in touch with us. Follow our updates, explore our documentation, and contact us with your questions and feedback. Your input is invaluable as we continue to improve SQL Data Lens for users like you.

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