Dear customer, unfortunately we had to completely change the licence system at short notice. From the current version 3.15 onwards, you will therefore need a new licence key. You will of course receive this free of charge. Please send an e-mail with your current licence data to You will then receive your new licence key shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please request the new key before updating to the version >=3.15! You can’t use 3.15 and upper with your old key!

Download SQL DATA LENS and get all the special features for using with InterSystems Caché and InterSystems IRIS. If you have a license key, you can immediately unlock the full power of SQL DATA LENS.

SQL DATA LENS Packages for Windows

Download Portable ZIP-File for the MS Windows 64bit platform

Windows 64bit

Download Windows installer for MS Windows 64bit

Windows 64bit Setup

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If you know SQL DATA LENS already and you want a license, please read here more about purchasing the Professional edition.