The query editor is used to edit SQL scripts. SQL DATA LENS can work with multiple open editors at the same time, execute scripts and process the results. Write and run queries in the advanced SQL editor speeds up your coding and reduce errors with features such as auto-completion, syntax highlighting, Bracket Matching, Goto Line commands and many more.

Work with multiple sql statements

  • Execute Script with multiple SQL statements
  • Execute single SQL statement at cursor position
  • Execute selected SQL statement(s)
  • place the cursor at any position and execute the current statement with F5
  • or execute the next statement with F7
  • or just execute all statements with F9

The query editor allows for the execution of any SQL statement(s) that the database and driver may accept. The results of any executed statement is displayed in the results pane including database specific messages and error codes.

Code completion

The SQL DATA LENS query editor will help to find the necessary information while writing the SQL script without leaving the query editor for such purposes. A drop down list might appear after you type a delimiter like point or comma or just press CTRL+Space

code completion table\view list

On the code completion help window SQL DATA LENS shows details that comes from the data model. If you have information in the remarks property saved, you see that here. The window handle hyperlinks in your remarks text also.

The code complition shows Table,Views, Functions, Procedures but also details about columns

Special optimize-options with help information are also available from code completion

Execute to file

Execute statements and save result to file: Helpful for huge results that can’t be displayed in a grid. This feature works with limited memory because it write the rows from the database direct to the export file without buffering in memory.

Execute to table

Execute to table: Saves the result of a statement direct to an new created table: On Server side! Very very fast!

  • Handles multiple open connections
  • Asynchronous database communication
  • Support for parameterized SQL scripts
  • Code completion (Intelli Sense)
  • SQL formatter
  • SQL Code folding
  • Support for procedures producing multiple result sets
  • View results as grid or text
  • Execute Stored Procedures
  • Execution plan visualizer
  • SQL History
  • Data Inspector shows results as text, html, xml binary and image
  • Scripts Manager
  • Export grid data CSV, HTML, XLS, XLSX, XML, SQL, TEXT, JSON
  • limit data by max rows\max chars

Open in Excel

All grid results can be opened within Excel with just one click

Session snapshot

Wtih the feature Session snapshot SQL DATA LENS allows a quick restart. Stopping SQL DATA LENS saves all SQL Editor tabs with content and connection infos. All this will be automatically restored on next start.