How can I pay?

We use the e-commerce service provider (reseller) Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it) to process our orders and collect payments. They accept all major credit cards, check, PayPal and Purchase Orders.

Is the order process secure?

Yes, the purchase process is secure and safe. Our orders are processed by a the global e-commerce service provider Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it) that provide secure order processing worldwide. All information you provide during the order process is encrypted and protected via a secure SSL connection (https).

How much time does it take to deliver the product key?

An email message with your license key is sent the moment your payment is approved, and that should be almost immediately. If you don’t receive an email soon after, contact us and we’ll check on your order.

How can I get an invoice?

After your order is processed, an invoice will be sent to the specified e-mail address. If you need a copy of the invoice at a later point of time, you can get it by logging into your Share-it! account.

Need help with an order?

If you’re unsure about a charge on your credit card, look up your order to verify the information on the digitial river customer service portal.

What does “DRI*DataLens license” mean on my credit card?

You have placed an order for a SQL DATA LENS. Your credit card was charged by Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it). You should have received a confirmation by e-mail at the time the credit card was charged.
The charge on your credit card statement has the the description “DRI*DataLens license”

All of our sales go through Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it). Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it) is an e-commerce solution for selling software via the internet. Founded in 1996, Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it) boasts many years of experience in online sales of software and shareware. It provides fast and secure payment processing.
The Digital River GmbH (MyCommerce Share-it) order process is protected via a secure connection and makes online ordering by credit/debit card quick and safe. There are no shipping costs or other hidden costs.