Setting up a connection to InterSystems IRIS\Caché

Details about connection to InterSystems IRIS and Caché

Create a new connection from Server Navigator by selecting “Add Server”:

On the next dialog you have to enter some details:

Connection properties dialog

Detailed field description

Server NameThe name for the connection
IP AdressThe IP address or DNS name for the server where the database runs.
PortThe TCP/IP port used by the IRIS\Cachè Server

Specifies the port for connecting to the DSN. The default for Caché is 1972.
Driver VersionIt is recommended that your selected driver version be of the same release (or higher) as your database server
NamespaceThe default namespace
Don’t query for namespace listIf your Login Name hasen’t the permission to query for the namespace listset this checkbox
Show system namespacesIf you want to see the system namespaces e.g. %SYS in server navigator
Show system objectsIf you want to see the system objects e.g. the %Library schema in server navigator
Query remote namespaceIf you want to see the remote namespaces in server navigator
Check namespace availabilityThe availability of remote namespaces will be checked
Login NameSpecifies the username for logging into the DSN. By default, this is “_SYSTEM” and is not case sensitive.
PasswordSpecifies the password for the account specified by the UID entry. For the SYSTEM username, the password is “SYS” and is case sensitive.